The Memes and Gifs Every Autism Parent Needs in Their Life

Apr 30, 2018 | Autism

autism parenting humor

Memes and gifs are gems of the Great Internet. Humor connects us and unites us. While the internet is full of memes for the crowds, us Autism parents need more gifs and memes for us. I took the liberty of researching proper meme making technique.

I present to you the opening collection of And This Potato’s memes.

1. Just do it!


2. Why do kids do that?

3. Seriously, is it possible to learn that power?

4. If they want to throw kudos, I’ll take it.

5. In desperate times, come for desperate measures. We’re not having a party till 1 am again tonight.

6. I just think its funny how you’re not picky about the food I’m eating…

7. Autism is awesome. Let me tell you why!

8. Omg. Just lay down!

6-8 good.gif

9. Headphones are my secret weapon.

10. I’m literally Andy in this.

11. I wonder why I even organize toys at all.

12. I literally gained stupid weight from stress eating.

13. I love connecting with other moms in public. I see you! We got this!





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