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What is
And this Potato (ATP)
all about

And This
is a practical guide to helping parents of children with autism live a joyously happy and fulfilling life.

It can be extremely lonely as a parent, especially when raising a child with autism or any special needs.

Therapy, intervention services, and everything else that goes into the daily duties of caring for a special needs child takes up so much of our time, energy, and sanity!

I struggled for years– mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially– trying to raise a special needs child as a single mother with very little support. I broke the cycle of struggle and created a life of happiness and freedom by sharing my story online– still a single mother and living with the everyday realities of autism. Read more about us here.

Why is Your website called And this potato?

And This
ATP) is named after my son, Levi. Levi has a lot of nicknames like Bug and Sweetness but Potato has always been my favorite thing to call him.

I am able to accomplish so much in my life because of Levi, my potato.

Without my little Sweet Potato, my life wouldn’t be filled with so much love, fulfillment, overwhelming joy, and a higher sense of personal responsibility that pushes me to work hard.

This site is named after him, for him, and was started because of him.

As parents of amazing children, we all have a potato in our life that has changed us forever and for the better.

What Can I expect from ATP?

Autism Positivity and awareness
 is committed to being a positive voice for the autism community. We want to help share the truth of autism to the world and help the world understand how beautiful autism really is. 

Personal Development: I’ll share my strategies for creating a happy life. Once depressed and full of anxiety, I am now finding joy in all moments by focusing on self-care, emotional awareness, and physical health.

Also, dating as a single mom with a special need son is… interesting. It’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure. I’ll share some tips and tricks of my lifestyle that allows me to feel happy, fulfilled, and loved in a very special circumstance.

Information on how to start a blog: There are so many ways to tell your story. Blogging is a great way to connect with other autism parents, spread a positive message of autism acceptance, and make an income while doing it! I’ll help you get started with your blogging by sharing everything I’ve learned on the blogging journey.

This Site isn’t for everyone

ATP is also devoted to a happy and positive lifestyle. We laugh and find joy in autism. If you’re not open to seeing the positive aspects of an autism household this site isn’t for you. While ATP understands the difficulties of being a struggling single parent and raising a special needs child, we believe that the key to success and happiness is living a life of gratitude and a light heart. We will not waiver from those beliefs.


I’ve compiled a list of resources I have used to create and maintain this site. The sources I share are not only helpful but have saved me time and money in the long run. I’ve also included resources I have found very useful in our autism journey and my personal journey 


Check out the ATP YouTube channel. I share our every day life of single parenthood, autism, and our tips and tricks that make life easier. Stay tuned for our video series on autism & cbd, meltdown management, and wandering.


ATP blog covers a wide variety of topics.  We, of course, will discuss diffferent ways to share  your personal story online but we’ll also touch on autism, parenting, and personal development articles such as time management and self-care that are catalyst to maintaining your sanity! 🙂


In my Coffee With coco podcast series, we’ll break down the stigma of being a struggling special needs parent and discuss how to pursue a life of passion and fulfillment by spreading a message of hope and awareness to ourselves and the world. 

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