By taking part in life coaching services, classes, webinars, reading my blog/ebooks or watching my videos you acknowledge that I am not a licensed therapists or health care professional. Anything offered on this site does not replace medical or psychological care.

Levi’s autism care is specific to him. I share what works or doesn’t work for his specific rehabilitation. I understand that every person experiences autism differently. Because every autistic person has a different experience, what works for my son, Levi, may not work for your child.

Life coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment, it is not to be used in place of any form of therapy.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose any relationship that provides this website with any compensation at any time. To provide free services to all users, some links on this website contain affiliate or referral links for which this website is compensated if a user completes purchase using said affiliate or referral links. This website may provide product recommendations for which this website may receive compensation when purchased through a provided link.

Despite containing links for which this website may receive compensation, users can be confident that the information expresses our best effort to provide honest opinions, through research, and detailed information about various subjects including the products and services offered.

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