5 Super Simple Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Feb 20, 2018 | Growth


I get asked this question a lot:

“Can you actually make money from blogging?”

The answer: ABSOLUTELY!


It seems odd that writing blog articles on a website that people just read would prompt any sort of income. We are constantly reading people’s blog posts and then moving on in our lives without paying to read it.

The truth is that there are serious bloggers making millions. MILLIONS! Go to Pinterest and search “blog income report” and you’ll be blown away by what you see.

To get started on your blog, check out my in-depth tutorial here.


Here I’ll explain five super simple ways to monetize your blog. These five ways to monetize your blog are the foundations for creating an income from your work and way easier to implement in your work than you think.

Let’s get started!


1. Affiliate links

Affiliate links are simply this:
You have a link on your site that brings someone to another site. If they buy something from that site using your link– you get a commission.

I’m affiliated with Amazon. I LOVE Amazon. If someone uses my link to shop on Amazon, I get a commission on what they purchased in their entire cart– not just the products I referred them to.

Signing up for affiliates is super simple as well. Most companies that I’m affiliated with I found them through a simple Google search.

Google Search: Amazon affiliate
And then, BOOM– Website. Click. Fill out an application. Check email for confirmation/personal link. Put a link in sight. Make that money. Done.



2. Offer Services

There are endless possibilities here. Every person in this world has a gift to share. If you’re great at web design you can offer to build websites for a price. If you are a stylish dresser and shopper offer online personal shopping at a price. You can create paid classes with Teachable lectures that can earn you massive passive income– and you DO have something you can teach the world. Everyone can do this. You can become a certified life coach online and then offer coaching services.



3. Sell Products

I see SO many of my friends and family, selling products these days. Products like Plexus sell because of the stories of how the product has changed lives.

Tell your story with your personal products. Blogging alongside selling products can help you create a personal brand and set you apart from others. If you are selling a product you should absolutely be blogging about it.

If you need help on how to get started with blogging click here to see my post on How to Set up a Blog Step by Step.


4. Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is the blog post you’re paid to write to advertise for a company. You’re generally paid more by how many page views you have. You can reach out to companies through email to ask if you could do a paid, sponsored posts or sometimes companies will find you.

Authors can pay you to read their book in exchange for a review about it on your blog for example.

I’ve seen mom-blogs, write sponsored posts for Honest Co. Beauty-blogs can write sponsored posts about brand makeup or skin care.

There are a lot of options available so you have the freedom to pick and choose which companies you are proud to represent. No worries about selling your soul for some cash.


5. Advertisements

I feel like I should have had this first on the list because it is the easiest and most passive way to earn money.

You just sign up with AdThrive or whatever advertisement company, place the ads, and get commissions.

Some advertisements only pay if someone clicks on the advertisement and others pay per view.

The downside to advertisements is that it takes a lot of page views to make a substantial income.

Banner advertisements are something that I’ve personally never wanted to do. The joy of blogging is that you can choose the way you create income. There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal integrity or sell your soul to companies you don’t believe in to make money.

You will make money doing what you love in a way that makes you proud and authentic of your true self.



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  1. Polly

    This is a really good post! Some of these I’d never considered but I might give them a go now! x


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